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TaughtWare Academy

TaughtWare Academy is a small academy for boys operating in Y-block, D.H.A., Lahore. We have subject specialists currently / formerly associated with Aitchison, Beaconhouse, The City School, S.C.I.L., K.I.M.S., Scholastic Islamiah, etc. We help students in a range of subjects.

We charge a fraction more than what other academies do but we strive to provide a more customized learning experience for your child. We are pleased to have some highly competent teachers onboard. Our teachers include:




Sir Naeem Amir Khan Beaconhouse; Ibne Sina College; O / A Level Maths

O Level Additional Maths

Sir Kamran Qureshi Aitchison; K.I.M.S.; S.C.I.L.; O / A Level English
Sir Ghulam Abbas The City School; L.G.S.; Scholastic Islamiah; O Level Chemistry
Sir Safdar Bashir Lahore Learning Campus (LLC); Beaconhouse; O Level Urdu

O Level Pakistan Studies

Sir Abdul Ahad Poshni Scholastic Islamiah; O / AS Level Physics

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