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Watch this video-demonstration to find out what TaughtWare.com’s timetabling solution has to offer:

Here is the transcript of the video above:

Welcome to TaughtWare.com. In this promotional video, I am going to introduce you to our timetabling services.

So let’s say you run a school called Super School, and you hire our timetabling services, so the link to your timetable may either be placed on your own school-website or it may even be placed on TaughtWare.com’s website. So for example, in “Timetabling” menu I select “Super School”. So a portal will open and there are two perspectives as you can see. There is a students’ way of looking at the timetable and there is a teachers’ way of looking at the same timetable. So let’s visit the students’ perspective first.

In the students’ perspective, you can see that there is a table of contents. You need to click on the class that you are interested in so I’ll click “Grade 11”. Now as you can see over here: the subject-name is at the top, the teacher’s name below it, and in this box you can also see the word “playground” written. This ensures exclusive access to the resource. So when grade 11 is having its sports period, no other class will be allowed to come in the playground. This can also apply to other resources which must not be shared like a computer lab or a library.

Now consider this. As you can see that Physics and Economics are scheduled to happen at the same time. So some students of grade 11 will be studying Physics, and at the same time, another group of students of grade 11 will be studying Economics. So the services that TaughtWare.com offers is flexible enough to cater to a range of scheduling needs. Schools can offer a business stream and a science stream. The science stream students can study Chemistry, Biology, Physics, while the business stream students can study economics, accounting and business studies.

Now let’s head back to the teacher’s perspective. Now in the teacher’s perspective, you can see there is a list of all the teachers. I’ll click on “Sir Altaf”. So simply at a glance the teacher can see his entire timetable for the week. Any special considerations may be mentioned in the footer like over here. In this case, Friday timings have been mentioned in the footer.

If you are interested in any of our timetabling services then call now: +92-333-4409193. You can either outsource your timetabling to us, or alternatively, we can train someone in your institution in the art of timetabling.

Thank you for watching.

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