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Profile: Sir Altaf Hussain Khan

Sir Altaf Hussain Khan (known to close friends as “Tafu”) is an expert martial arts trainer. His skill-set includes karate, self-defence, mixed martial arts (M.M.A.) and kick-boxing. Read on and find out why he is included in TaughtWare.com’s list of endorsed teachers.

Sir Altaf, a gold medalist in karate at national as well as Punjab level, was extremely passionate about martial arts from a very young age. The picture below shows him training in Cavalry Ground, Lahore when he was in Grade 9.

A “young dragon” training in Cavalry Ground, Lahore.

His crave for learning the art would cause him to go all the way from Walton to Baghbanpura on a bicycle. He would not skip class even in the face of injury, fever or social pressure.

Sir Altaf Hussain Khan in action.

Is it not inspirational that his enthusiasm drove him to sweep the floor where his next fight was going to happen.

Today, Sir Altaf Hussain Khan runs a club of his own in Cantt area under the title “Ultimate Martial Arts Center” where he trains children and adults in the art of fighting.

Kids can learn self-defence at Ultimate Martial Arts Center, Lahore.
Sir Altaf poses with some of his students of M.M.A. (Mixed Martial Arts).

Members of army, including commandos, have received training in kick-boxing and defence against weapons from him. He has also taught karate and self-defence to members of police.

Sir Altaf Hussain Khan has imparted training to personnel of army and police.


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