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Marks Oriented Notes – Physics (O Level / IGCSE)

Focussed on scoring marks

As the name suggests, Marks Oriented Notes lay special emphasis on scoring marks. This is achieved in different ways including:

  • use of words or expressions found in mark schemes which are familiar to people doing the checking
  • use of bullet points and hierarchy, rather than long paragraphs
  • use of tables and illustrations
  • use of definitions based on formulas
  • use of underline for emphasis
  • use of speech bubble for annotation in certain places, which gives a friendlier looks, thus may enhance usability

The author hopes that those using these notes will feel that these have been written with empathy at heart.


The notes have been written for Cambridge International O Level Physics (5054), but they are also highly useful for Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625).

Preview / Sample

To get an idea of what these notes are like you can download preview / sample.

Availability and Cost

The notes are currently (only) available in hardcopy form. Each copy costs Rs.1000, primarily because it is printed in colour on 80 gram (per meter squared) paper. Price and specifications may change from time to time.

Buy your copy from Happy Bookers, Defence Chowk, Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Click for location of Happy Bookers on map.


The syllabus for O Level Physics (5054) was heavily revised for examination in May / June 2023 with a number of inclusions and exclusions. This meant that the existing notes available for O Level Physics would become outdated. So in summer of 2022, Sir Abdul Ahad Irfan Poshni edited his earlier title “Handbook of O Level Physics“, added units momentum and space physics, and gave the notes a new title: “Marks Oriented Notes – O Level Physics (5054)”.

The author has been teaching O Level / IGCSE Physics since year 2011. He is currently associated with the following institutions:

  • TaughtWare Academy (DHA, Lahore)
  • Scholastic Islamiah (Gulberg, Lahore)
  • Ibne Umar Campus (Gulberg, Lahore)

Last updated on 30 August 2022

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