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Academy – Terms of Service

(with effect from August 1, 2019 for all NEW courses that students start)

Thank you for showing interest in our services. Please read this document carefully because your use of our services is subject to the following terms:

  1. The subject teacher is ONLY required to deliver a stipulated number of classes each calendar-month, however, if he teaches beyond the stipulated number of periods, he will NOT be entitled to “overtime”.
  2. Each class is 30 minutes or more.
  3. The days and timings of classes can change from time to time.
  4. A teacher can have multiple students in his class. The Academy can group students into a class by their level or subject or any other criteria that it deems appropriate.
  5. Class-time missed in case a student is late or absent will still be counted.
  1. FEES
  1. Registration-fee is NOT refundable.
  2. All fees are to be paid in advance.
  3. The Academy reserves the right to bar a student from taking classes due to non-payment of fee.
  4. If a student starts a course in the middle of a calendar-month, he will be required to submit a “full fee”. Any outstanding amount will be adjusted in the subsequent calendar-month. (A new fee-cycle starts from 1st of every month.)
  5. In case a child withdraws from a course, any outstanding amount shall be refunded or adjusted. Such calculations will be done from the time the Academy is informed.
  1. You allow your child to represent you in financial dealings with the Academy. This includes payment of fees, purchase of notes, etc.
  1. Students who commit any of the following acts will be expelled and their registration will stand cancelled:
    • Resorting to violence inside or in front of the Academy
    • Being habitually non-cooperative
    • Jeopardizing safety of staff or other students
  2. Students are expected to adhere to Shariah-compliant dress code. They are not allowed to wear shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, sleeping trousers, see-through or body-hugging clothes.
  1. Clauses in these Terms-of-Service can be overridden with mutual agreement but such understandings are not valid in verbal form.
  2. Whenever changes are made to our Terms of Service, you shall be notified. Your continued use of our service means that you agree to the new terms.

Last updated: 2 January 2023

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