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Lower Secondary Level Science

Patterns of reactivity

In this question a set of chemical reactions are to be studied and a reactivity series is to be created. An (more…)

Motion of a parachutist

This question has a speed-time graph followed by questioning. It tests understanding of Newton’s Second (more…)

Mass, weight and density

This is a question in which the weight of a teenager is to be calculated. Then his volume or density is found using (more…)


This is a question related to circuits. A pictorial diagram is given. A problem with the circuit needs to (more…)

Carbon dioxide and photosynthesis

This is a question related to the need for carbon dioxide in photosynthesis. One of the two plants is deprived of (more…)


This is a question related to production of carbon dioxide in respiration. An experiment is shown related to (more…)

Blast furnace presentation

When students see a labelled diagram of a blast furnace in their book, it is hard to fathom how things are (more…)

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