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Life cycle of a mosquito

This question tests the understanding of mosquito’s life cycle. An understanding of the words endangered and (more…)

Dispersal of seeds

Some ‘fill in the blanks’ related to dispersal of seeds. A word-bank is given and the students need to (more…)


Among other things, this question tests the understanding of graph. Different amount of water evaporates from (more…)

The human heart

Labelling is to be done in this question. The four chambers (two atria and two ventricles) of the human heart are (more…)

How we see

In this question a figure is showing sun, tree and an eye. The need is to explain in detail what is going on that (more…)

Parts of a flower

There is a picture of a flower that is to be labelled. More specifically the parts of the stamen and the (more…)

The periodic table of elements

The periodic table of elements for use by students of O Level Chemistry. This simple periodic table is prescribed by (more…)

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