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Terms of Service

TaughtWare.com’s terms of service are expected to be revised from time to time.

The terms and conditions that apply to your institution depend on the date mentioned in the contract. So please check out the terms that apply to your institution.

Terms of Service (ToS) dated 22 September 2017

The following terms and conditions govern any contract between you (the school) and TaughtWare.com:

  • When a change is required in timetable, TaughtWare.com must be notified atleast 3 days in advance.
  • When a change to timetable is required, TaughtWare.com reserves the right to revise the WHOLE timetable (from scratch) instead of limiting the change to relevant teachers or classes only.
  • School can terminate the contract anytime without giving an advance-notice. However, in case of such an event, TaughtWare.com must be informed of the reason behind the decision.
  • School is liable to pay TaughtWare.com for months included in the contract even if no change is made to the timetable in certain months. TaughtWare.com was available to make necessary changes but the need did not arise.
  • TaughtWare.com will not schedule dance, music or other classes which Islam does not allow. Where matters are debatable, Hanafi interpretation will prevail.
  • TaughtWare.com provides the school with a reasonably formatted timetable. TaughtWare.com is under no obligation to customize formatting or do other composing work. Any such (additional) work may be agreed and charged separately.

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